Saturday, March 29, 2008

You have how many kids???

That is a frequent question I get. People just think that because I have 11 children that our home is some kind of day care or crazy house. What they don't know is the more the merrier!!! "They are not all going to be two years old at the same time", as I reminded the woman I worked with 19 years ago when I said I wanted 10 kids she thought I was nuts. I love seeing her today around town and smiling...up to 11 now!!! She just giggles...

Well you would never know today that we have so many lovely blessings. It is Sat afternoon and as I was cleaning I had a grateful moment and smiled...who would of guessed that I am here with just the baby. Two of the kids play quietly (for now) upstairs, my husband is running with the two year old, oldest out shopping, second oldest away at school, next son on a youth group retreat, one daughter out with her grandmother birthday shopping, the other daughter with her aunt and other grandmother, two out to a ANNIE play with a neighbor...Well, that was short they come. +JMJ+

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