Monday, March 31, 2008

Job Charts...

We have used job charts for about six years. Mainly because I forget what I had for breakfast more or less who did dishes yesterday...So to remain sane and fair in most respects I have used different job charts. The last couple of years it has become INDUSTRIAL due to the size of our family and house.

My advice about making a JOB chart is to see what bothers you at the end of the day...look around your house...what is a mess? What didn't get done...

The next if not first thing to do is to see what bothers your husband? What would he like done before he gets home? Or what things bother him about your home...or "his castle"?

My list looked something like this to start:

1. upset that I didn't get to read to little ones

2. didn't get to play a game with ...

3. didn't have time to work on...with...during school

4. needed to do this...but, was too busy doing...

So I established jobs like:

1. read to kids

2. play game with kids

3. teacher helper

4. helper

Than I looked at what I wanted accomplished before my sweetie got home, because I knew it would make him happy if...

1. the front yard didn't have 4 bikes, 5 helmets, 2 car seats, 3 balls...

2. when he walked in the front door to coats,clothes, and shoes...

3. someone who greeted him and showed excitement

4. dinner being prepared

5. kitchen not destroyed

So I came up with these jobs to help:

1. Front Yard

2. Front Entrance

3. Greet Daddy

4. Dinner Prep

5. Kitchen Helper, sweep, counters, kitchen check

6. Wife being wrapped up in saran wrap to await lover boy...(that's for you everyone knows why we have ll kids!!!)

So It has worked pretty well the last couple of years, with the key being flexible...

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