Saturday, March 22, 2008


Today I am pondering the BALANCING ACT we as Catholics, wives, mom's, and homeschoolers must do. How do you keep the seriousness of Good Friday in your mind with the happiness of Easter Sunday just around the corner.

I find my self at a constant state of juggling. As I celebrate yet another Easter, did I accomplish what I set out for this Lent? Is my spirit, family, and home made better by the little sacrifices I made?

I find myself dealing with the daily struggles of being Mary and Martha...I tend to be so much like Mary...just wanting to sit at our Lord's feet and soak in His words...but in the mean time "my domestic church" is crumbling around me with my little saints going crazy.

As with each season in my life the gift of flexibility must reign. I must be able to meet the needs of my apostolic nature as well as my state in life as a wife, mom, and homeschooling housewife of 11 wonderful kids.

That means not being drawn to the computer to just escape the dishes, laundry, or child that needs my attention. That means throwing out that clutter that is taking up too much space in my home. It also means not eating all my kids leftovers and rationalizing that I am doing it not to waist. Because my waist doesn't agree.

It is hard to do all the wonderful things we set our selves up for and still stay sane in the end. As I approach my 40Th birthday I think back to my 19 years of marriage, my 18 years of parenting and homeschooling and I think what is it that makes it all work? Being Balanced and Flexible...

When I think about being balanced I think of my husband. God sent him to me for this as well as many other reasons. If it weren't for him I would be crazy and my poor kids would have no sense of humor. He keeps me laughing and my kids safe from my crazy antics.

I can give people advice on how to be a good Catholic, a better wife, a fun mom, and a creative homeschooler...but I can't give them the initiative or strength to do it. I struggle every day with just doing it. Most of the time I fail greatly. But as I meditate on Christ getting up after each fall I hear HIM cry to me not to give up...keep can do steps...

Preheat Oven to 350 degreesIngredients:Crescent rollsMelted butterLarge marshmallowsCinnamonSugarGive each child a triangle of crescent rolls. The crescent roll represents the cloth that Jesus was wrapped in.Read Matthew 27:57-611. Give each child a marshmallow. This represents Jesus.2. Have him/her dip the marshmallow in melted butter. This represents the oils of embalming.3. Now dip the buttered marshmallow in the cinnamon and sugar which represents the spices used to anoint the body.4. Then wrap up the coated marshmallow tightly in the crescent roll (not like a typical crescent roll up, but bring the sides up and seal the marshmallow inside.) This represents the wrapping of Jesus' body after death.5. Place in a 350 degree oven for 10-12 minutes. (The oven represents the tomb - pretend like it was three days!)6. Let the rolls cool slightly. The children can open their rolls (cloth) and discover that Jesus is no longer there, HE IS RISEN!!!! (The marshmallow melts and the crescent roll is puffed up, but empty.)Now read Matthew 28:5-8Explain: At the tomb, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary saw an angel, who told them not to be afraid. No one had taken Jesus' body, but He Had risen from the dead! The angel told the women to go and tell the disciples what they had seen, that Jesus had risen from the dead. They were so excited, they ran all the way home to tell the disciples the good news! He is risen from the dead! Alleluia!After that Jesus appeared in person to Peter, then to the 12 disciples and after that, to more than 500 people. Jesus' appearance to eyewitnesses, those who saw Him with their own eyes, would give support and prove that Jesus rose from the dead (1 Corinthians 15:3-6).By rising from the dead, Jesus proved once and for all that He was the Messiah, the Savior of the World, the Chosen One, and the Lamb of God. By dying on the cross and rising from the dead, Jesus did what no other had ever done before. As both God and man, He overcame sin, death, and hell. And now because of what Jesus has done, these things no longer have any power over those who believe in Jesus and allow His Spirit to lead and direct them. Rather than being slaves to sin and death, Christians ( those who love and believe in Jesus) are free to obey God and do good ( Romans 6:17-18). The Bible says in John 8:36, "If therefore the Son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed."However, we will only obey God if we listen to the Holy Spirit our helper. He enables believers in Jesus to do the right thing. It is important that we read the Bible (God's Word) because one of the ways the Holy Spirit helps us obey God is by reminding us of what He says to us in His Word. God's Spirit will never go against his Word. In fact, when we read God's Word, we are listening to the Holy Spirit. Of course, you won't always do the right thing; the Bible says this ) 1 John 1:5-10). But that is why we need to continue to confess our sins knowing that God forgives us, based on what Jesus did on the cross. This is also a reason we need to spend time with other believers in Christ so they can encourage us in our faith.May you have a blessed and meaningful Easter!


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