Tuesday, January 8, 2013

After Pictures

I just realized that I didn't post my "after" 17 day diet pictures. Mainly because it is embarrassing. Secondly because it is kinda boastful...look at me I lost 30 lbs!!! It was humiliating to post these pictures after I lost our sweet baby, but it was easier than posting me thinner. The main reason I didn't post these is because deep in my heart I want to be big and pregnant!!!

My goal was to lose the weight before my Dec 18th due date. I think I took these on Dec 15th or so.
I  will continue to exercise and eat better...but I really enjoy my days off when I eat fun food...but then I have to work out extra hard the following week.

So here they are: Hopefully I can post pictures of me big and pregnant some day...but I am pretty sure that menopause is coming my way and who knows what this year will bring.



Katie said...

You look great Sam!

Cindy in NH said...

Wow! You look great.....Kudos to you! You look amazing for being the Mom of 12!!!!! Way to go!