Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas hangover:

I forgot about the day after CHRISTMAS...

My big kids remembered and pretty much found something to keep them busy away from the little guys all day.

Starting with my newly 13 year old who is very sensitive and emotional anyway...the kind of sweetie who cries with me during Hallmark movies...he came to me with swollen eyes and said I don't like this day...everyone is grouchy and tired.

My 11 year old was pretty resilient and listened to Adventures in Odyssey in his room till his cousin got here.

My 9 year old did fine in the morning but she was fading fast, her eyes looked sullen and she looked like she was gonna lose it!

Now here is where it gets dirty:

My seven year old woke up kinda happy but she faded fast. Before lunch we gave the kids their gifts that my sister sent. She opened the purse with such excitement like it was the first gift she ever received. (This is my Dec 1st birthday girl who had had a really busy month all about her!) As she unsnapped the purse the wallet fold attached inside had a photo of my mommy. My mom died Feb 15, 2011. My little sweetie just lost it and just started bawling saying she wanted "Her Gram!" My very insensitive husband and I just started laughing. We are so bad! Then the rest of the day she was just a mess. Many times she would say mom, "I need you!" She did and I tried my best to be there. We played cards, (I won!) then we cuddled and read a book she got in her stocking, ALEXANDER AND THE TERRIBLE HORRIBLE NO GOOD VERY BAD DAY! (See I told you I was insensitive.) Although, she appreciated the book in her own silly way.

Now to the next mess:

My five year old. My hubby and I forgot to have "The Christmas Talk" this year with the kids. This is the talk where we sit the little guys down and talk about being grateful, saying Thank You, not complaining, not saying you don't like the gift, not saying we have this already, etc...etc...

So Christmas morning he opened his first gift from my other sister. It was a really cool kid lantern. He proceeded to throw it across the room because he didn't like it. Well, he liked it but he didn't think it turned on like his little brothers did. The day proceeded with him just being pretty overwhelmed.

The day after was kinda humorous with him too. He woke up and told me that next to God, Uncle Eric was his favorite, then everyone else. (Of course Uncle Eric is his hero and just happened to give him a totally cool Captain America car.) Then he got a sad look on his face and said, "Mom, what about the poor people. Don't they get any gifts?" I said, "Yes, remember we gave lots of gifts to children from the giving tree in our church." Then he looked at me so serious and said, "Mom, don't tell me what we gave them cuz, I am gonna be so jealous!" That pretty much summed up his day!

The three year old and the 10 month old were perfect, they just kinda bumbled along accepting gifts and having the time of their lives.

We are all tired from all the stimulation and our bodies are sick of all the junk we are trying to keep the Christmas spirit living here with Christmas music playing and toys everywhere.

May you enjoy the rest of your Christmas Season with baby Jesus living in the hearts of all your family!

Before I end I wanted to give a shout out to my favorite ETSY site where I have gotten my kids Christmas shirts the past two years. 

Aren't these cute:

 My daughter and son in love aren't here yet...they got theirs at dinner

My son in Love...last year he got Thing 1 1/2 but I upgraded him this year!



letlovebesincere said...

This was a really cute post (well the pictures at the end) and a really funny post (I can picture your children responding to the day). So much to look forward to as my family expands, and my babies grow up.

Anna B. said...

Merry Christmas, sounds like a wonderful day...:)

Kathy said...

How blessed your children are to get gifts from extended family. Sounds like You get wonderful support from your family,that is a great gift in itself!