Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I need to persevere! 
I have been trying to keep up my going to the gym and eating healthier this year. 
I have done well...but my heart isn't in it. 
 I just want to be pregnant or be holding my dear baby in my arms. 
I really need a reason to exercise and eat well...
my goal in life is to grow closer to God and do HIS HOLY WILL. I really don't care about being skinny. 
So...to get up at 4:45am and go to the gym and not eat my fun food is really a struggle lately.

It was really easy to stay on task when we were getting ready for my daughters wedding. I was totally motivated.

But now...hmmm...
We went to the beach this weekend and I ate so much fun food...
and gained lots of weight!
So I went back to the gym this week and started eating better.
I was so discouraged and the baby hadn't slept well so getting up stunk!
Friday before the beach: 133 lbs
Monday weigh in: 139 lbs
Tuesday weigh in: 136.6 lbs
Wednesday weigh in: 131.8 lbs

So today I went to the gym so happy that it is actually paying off.
 Yesterday I wanted to eat raisin bread for breakfast, pizza pockets for lunch, and rice and bread with my dinner...but instead I ate:

BREAKFAST: clementines & apples
LUNCH: 2 turkey burgers, mustard, cherry tomatoes, and pickles
DINNER: chicken, tomatoes, carrots, and celery 
I was so tired that I couldn't even eat my Greek yogurt

So this weekend I can relax a little on what I eat and get back to the gym on Monday!


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Amy MEV said...

My dearest baby, Teresa Maria, would have been 3 this week, has she not been stillborn. I know how much your heart aches to hold your little one, and I pray His peace will be yours.