Thursday, January 10, 2013


Probably one of our favorite Christmas gifts from my hubby's brother. 

It was a package to the Aquarium in Baltimore. It cost $209 and is well worth it. What I did was put my 16 year old daughter, who drives, down as the other adult instead of my husband. We would probably just go during his work hours and we will never go on busy weekends because it is so crowded. Than I put my child number 6 to 12 down as my six members and my 3 year old as our guest and the baby is free. Than if I ever want my sister to take the kids she would count as my "NANNY" and she can take them in my place. We went last week and it was great! Even if we only go once again this year we still saved money! 
It is $30 for adults and $21 for kids! Crazy expensive!


He gave the kids the book MY VISIT TO THE AQUARIUM with this print out inside:

National Aquarium FAMILY PLUS Membership
  • Unlimited daily admission for one full year from the date of purchase at both the Baltimore and Washington, DC, venues
  • Immediate entry after check-in at Member Entrance (Baltimore)
  • Member-exclusive discounts
  • Invitations to free member-only events
  • Discounts on programs and events
  • Watermarks magazine
  • Ability to purchase advance tickets for friends or family (Baltimore)
Includes two adults and up to six of your unmarried children 21 and under living in the household and named on the membership.
+ One guest per visit.
+ Two one-time-use tickets.

Of course a trip wouldn't be complete without watching Nemo when we got home!
I will let you know next January how many times we actually used this and what my final decision is on how we felt about it!

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C. Passalacqua said...

Sam, I'm predicting you'll love the Aquarium membership. My brother gave our family one about six or eight years ago and it was wonderful. My favorite was the rays, which are way down in a large, lower level. They are so peaceful and beautiful as they glide along. There is also a really cool rainforest, and the dolphin show is always fun. Hope all is well with you. --C. Passalacqua