Sunday, December 16, 2012

sick of being sick...

We are sick...In 23 years I don't think we have ever all been so sick!!! What a crazy time of year to be sick...I think I am more depressed about all the things we are cancelling, than I am about feeling lousy.

Wednesday we hosted a Mother/Daughter cookie exchange...I thought I just had a cold...please God, I hope and pray we didn't give anyone germs.

Thursday we just layed around feeling sick and guilty for maybe infecting my friends.

Friday we cancelled a Creche Blessing Party, and a sleep over for my almost 13 year old.

Saturday we couldn't go to the CCD Christmas Pageant and the girls didn't get to sing. Only my son who was in the play got to go...thank God for his two big sisters who went to cheer him on.
2012 KING
My poor 5 year old couldn't get to go to his first real b day party where he was gonna dress up like the HULK! I had to find two subs for my boys for mass tonight cuz they may be carriers of something. My son who surprised me by coming home two days earlier for my family party left this morning back to school cuz he can't get sick before finals.  My hubby and I can't go to his work party tonight, which means no eating huge shrimp and lots of yummy food and I can't wear the gorgeous dress I bought. ($6 at the consignment shop) It also means that my 3 sisters didn't show up this morning for a visit and sleep over to get ready for OUR FAMILY CHRISTMAS PARTY on Sunday.
Sunday is my sweet boys 13th birthday...he has been waiting like 9months to be 13!!! I can't help with the preschool Christmas Pageant and my 3 year old can't be in the play. We had to find someone to help out with the donuts and coffee cuz it was our turn. I am sad beyond words that I had to cancel my family Christmas party. About 60 of my relatives come over to celebrate and now they are all going to my sisters.  Of course we won't be going cuz we are probably contagious.

We have never watched so much TV in our lives...we are all to sick to do anything other than lay around and fall asleep in various places. Earlier today I was sitting between my 5 and 7 year old who are both sleeping. Next to us is my 9 year old with rosy cheeks and then dad asleep on the couch. My 11 year old is asleep on the other couch. The 14 year old has the baby in the other room...we also have a Korean college student living here who was sick but is on the mend.  My 21 year old has been hiding for days-but he is getting it just in time for exams, and my 18 year old has had  a light touch of it but is in her room getting ready for finals. My 16 year old was in New York earlier this week and must of missed out on the germ attack cuz she is fine and out of the house today hoping and praying to stay healthy. My married daughter is thrilled to be out of the house and excited about going to the Christmas Party with her husband, and some of her healthy siblings, to see her cousins. At bed I got a text message from my 19 year old saying what he should do cuz he was starting to feel sick-poor thing was home for less than 24 hours!

I am just sitting around pouting and eating everything in site. My girlfriend assured me that like her I would loose weight cuz I would have no appetite. ain't happening! Every morning I wake up get dressed and put on make up and jewelry in hopes that it will help me feel lasts like 30 minutes.

We are hardly ever sick...I would take the 24 hour stomach virus any day over this!!!
I am trying to offer it all up for those tragically killed in Conn. 
Here's to a healthier week!
 May you all be healthy during the Holiday!



Maurisa said...

So sorry, Sam! Praying you are all better soon!

tammy said...

Hope you all are starting to feel better!! (I still wouldn't take the 24 hour tummy bug, though) Is it officially the flu?

superiorpaper said...

Get well soon, sad to hear that it ruined your programs. I remember the day when we had planned party for friends at home and I have to cancel it just because I got flu. Nothing is bad than this .