Thursday, December 13, 2012

My due date with Steven Thomas:

I was scheduled for a C Section today with our precious Steven Thomas! 
The funny thing is that my due date was about Dec 18th but I am always late.
The specialist told me that since Steven and I were doing so well, 
that I didn't have to have a C Section and could go naturally with a midwife!
Go Figure!
It was a roller coaster ride  but we made it through. Still a little shaky in our boots. 
We have moved up from only crying once a week instead of daily. 
Holy hours are killers making the tears flow like crazy.
We are still placing our fertility in the hands of God 
but being 44 I am mourning not only my 
Precious Steven but my fertility as well.

 We miss you sweet one!!!
I have been exercising and trying to get back to my pre baby weight but I really don't care
about being back to my old weight...I want to be 9 months pregnant!
My hubby took my after pictures to link to my before weight pictures 
but I haven't felt like posting them yet...
maybe later.


Maurisa said...

Oh, Sam, such a hard milestone. So, so sorry.

Katie said...

Holding you up in prayer today . . .

Mom2Seven said...

Prayers.. those sweet, yet heartbreaking pictures... And, you are right, for those who are open to life and more than happy to have a baby every couple of years, reaching an age that you know means it is not likely to occur is very hard. I am clearly going through peri-menopause, and I am absolutely mourning my fertility.