Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Advent Short Story: Some special women God put in my life::

Once upon a time in the year 2011 an amazing lady, who is the type who helps the entire town, had a really beautiful Nativity necklace.

Being pushy and bold I went to her and inquired where did she get it cuz I had to have one too!!! She informed me it was a gift and said she would keep an eye out for one.

After Christmas 2011, she said she found one and would purchase it for me if I wanted. Of course I said yes and put it away in hopes of wearing it the following Advent.

Advent 2012 came and I took it out. For some reason it just didn't seem like it was meant for me...so it sat in a box waiting for me to figure out what God wanted me to do with it.

As I put my kids teacher's Christmas gifts together a particular teacher stood out...she deserves way more than my typical teacher gift this year...and of course that is when the Holy Spirit told me to give her the necklace. My girlfriend who bought it for me agreed that this lady would appreciate it. I hesitated cuz I still kinda was attached to it as my own. Than I remembered something one of my mentors had taught me years and years ago. It was a tradition she handed over to me of giving away one special thing I was attached to each Christmas. I mean God gave away HIS most prized possession right!?

So, I wrapped it up and had the kids give it to her early enough so she could wear it during Advent.

It did my heart good when I saw her wearing it as she sang in the Folk Group at mass.

Time passed and my heart was getting weak as the due date of my precious Steven Thomas approached. I was scheduled for a c section on Dec 13th but the doctor said I could proceed with my Dec 18th due date and go natural.

My heart was breaking for the poor families in Conn who wouldn't be able to hold their precious babies this Christmas so I was gonna offer up my emotions for them.

Dec 18th, my due date,approached and as I was preparing to leave the house for the first time since I was sick,  I bumped into a friend who told me she had been praying for me cuz she knew my due date was approaching. I almost lost it and held back the tears and said I was offering up my sadness for the victims families in Conn.

Then I bumped into my kids music teacher, who has ever kid in our town mesmerized with her ,and she handed me a little treasure box and said it was in memory of my baby. I knew I couldn't open it up just yet or I would start bawling right there. So I handed it to my hubby for later.

When I got home I opened this:

Of course I texted my friend who first had the necklace, and asked her if she told the music teacher that I wanted one, she said no and couldn't believe the surprise.

Each of these women were part of my Advent story 
and none of them had any idea how important of a roll they played.



Anonymous said...

Amazing story Sam, for an amazing lady. Blessed and Merry Christmas to you and your whole family, here and in heaven.

Drina said...

Beautiful! God is so good.

Robin E. said...

Wow. That is a beautiful story, Sam. Thinking of you today.
Can you do another favor this Christmas? Can you ask your sweet baby in heaven to intercede with baby Jesus for baby Dominic Pio Gundrum, who has just fungal meningitis following major surgery to correct an encephalocele? He has come through so much, and is suffering today again. Maybe you are already praying for him, but I thought I would ask you just in case.