Sunday, March 25, 2012

Running: My life is a crazy race!!!

Did you know my husband is a triathlete and a marathon runner? His all time favorite thing to do is run and run some more. He is running in the Boston Marathon next month.

I on the other hand, have never liked exercise or running. I just like being pregnant, having babies, and nursing them.

Last year I started to try to lose weight and realized that eating right and exercising was my only choice.

I ran the Marine Corps 10K in Oct. and finished in 59 minutes.

I am not a big race person, too much work and time away from home.

There was a quick 5k in my town last Sat and my friend and I decided to give it a shot.

Just got this message from the race site:
There were 43 finishers in the Female 40 to 49 age group and
210 finishers in the race.

Your overall finish place was 41 and your age group finish place
was 5. Your overall finish percentile was 20 while your age group
percentile was 12. Your time of 24:48.60 gave you a 8:00 pace per mile.

Pretty happy that I did so well and felt so great.

Of course like all activities around here, you never know what is going on till the day shows up. It just so happened that my day ended up looking like this:
7:20am pick up race buddy
7:30am check in for race
8:00am run
8:30am go home
8:45am shower and get dressed
10:00am pick up girls at CCD
10:30am arrive at Funeral home
11:00am wake for my husband's grandmother
12:00pm Funeral
1:00pm Burial
1:30-3:30pm repast
3:30pm go home
4:00pm get changed
4:30pm Mass
5:30pm set up for FATHER/DAUGHTER BALL (117 dads/148girls=265)
6:00-9:00pm BALL
9:00pm clean up
9:30pm pick up teenager at her friends party
10:15pm get home
10:30pm pass out!!!
(I like to post my days events sometimes to remind myself someday how crazy I am)

Special thanks to my personal trainer Katie!

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Carmen Rae said...

You are better than me! I could run in high school, but NOT now! And wow...what a crazy day! I write down what I accomplished at times, too...not sure how we do it all, but we just do! :)