Saturday, November 19, 2011

50 Mile Trail Race:

Yipee, he ran 54.5 miles in a TRAIL race...what a great accomplishment!!!

My Husband ran a 50 mile race today:

It was crazy...He started at 6am, the kids and I got there at 3:50pm waiting for him to finish about 4:30pm...then the runners were finishing and complaining that the route was messed up... the course was 54.5 miles instead of 50. They didn't have their lights with them cuz they figured they would finish before 6 pm...and then they had to run in the dark in the woods which took them twice as long!!!

The stinking hill they had to run to get to the finish line...these race people are crazy!!!

Then they had to run up this hill that was super, super, steep...I wanted to punch the race coordinators!!! Rob was too excited to be upset!!! HE DID IT!!! YIPPEE!!!

From my two oldest children: (so sweet)

Alexandria says:
Not only is my dad an Iron man AND qualified to run in the Boston Marathon this spring, he also just finished running a 54.5 mile race! Very proud of my daddy. He is so awesome I can't even tag him in this post because he is too cool for Facebook!

Joshua says:
Just in case you weren't sure that my dad can beat up your dad just ran a 54.5 mile race.


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