Thursday, March 8, 2012


I read these comments the other day and have been pondering PINTEREST since.

This is my two cents:
I love pinterest because:

1. I have totally organized my recipes.
2. I have cleaned out my drawers, cabinets, and shelves of papers. No more magazine cut outs, old recipe cards, and unused cookbooks. ( I found my old recipes online and pinned them, found pictures of decorating ideas and pinned them, and I got rid of a dozen cookbooks.)
3. In the 22 years of marriage I have never cooked so many great meals than I have since I started using this site.
4. My kids and I have sat and picked out fun ideas to do together and we have!!!
5. I have found lots of ideas and suggestions that have made my life and homemaking much easier!
6. I am really trying to have a clutter free home and this is really helping me.

About the repinning...I have found all sorts of blogs and cooking sites that are thrilled and thrive on having people link to them.

I will continue to watch and pray about using this site as well as others in the future. As well as trying to find a balance in all my activities in life!


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