Monday, March 19, 2012

Our Family Lenten Ideas: REPOST...

I am reposting this (AGAIN)...never too late for holiness!!! I had an amazing group of women at my house for a mom's night out and we had a great lady give a pep talk for LENT. After her talk we all started talking about our "best" Lenten resolutions. That night I went to bed thinking OK, how am I going to pick one, they are all so great! So the HOLY SPIRIT gave me the idea to write down all the ideas and make them family friendly so I could put them in a jar so my family could pick one a day and try to accomplish the task, then when completed we would put the piece of paper on a paper cross on the wall.

So this is what we will try this Lent: (please send me your ideas so I can add them and take away what won't work for you and your family)
Decorate for Lent
Make a special Lenten Prayer for dinner and use it during Lent
Put out a jar for donations to your favorite charity
Try to play some Lenten music today
Read a book to yourself or someone else for 10 min
Have quiet time for 5 min
Don’t eat between meals today
Limit computer to only absolute necessities today
Spend 10 min with someone who needs a friend today
Help someone clean their room today
Read the daily readings for today
Go to daily mass once this week
Play a game with someone today
Go for a quick walk today
Light a candle for someone in need today
Light a candle for the unborn today
Say a quick prayer for someone you know who is sick
Make someone a treat today
Write a letter to someone today
Invite someone over to dinner this week
Make someone a snack today (corporal work of mercy)
Make someone a drink today (corporal work of mercy)
Help someone get dressed today (corporal work of mercy)
Donate a blanket to a shelter or charity that helps the homeless (corporal work of mercy)
Visit a hospital, a sick friend, or a nursing home this week (corporal work of mercy) Send a card to a prison ministry or to a police officer in thanks for keeping the community safe (c.w.m.)
Visit a cemetery or send a note of sympathy to someone who just lost a loved one (corp. work of mercy)
Gently council someone to be holy today (spiritual works of mercy)
Help someone calmly to do school work this week (spiritual works of mercy)
Answer kindly someone who ask you questions today (spiritual works of mercy)
Comfort a friend, neighbor, or relative today (spiritual works of mercy)
Be patient today with someone who is bothering you (spiritual works of mercy)
Say you’re sorry, ask for forgiveness, or forgive someone today (spiritual works of mercy)
Pray for the dead or those who will die today (spiritual works of mercy)
Pray for someone who feels discouraged today
Help someone who is learning a new skill (reading, tying shoes) or teach a new skill Tell a story about when you were little at dinner today Help tuck in and sing someone a song tonight
Give someone hugs and kisses to someone today Sit and talk with someone one to one with no distractions and keep eye contact
Take someone out this week for a special time
Eat a healthy snack today
Plan a special activity for Sunday
At dinner have everyone say one nice thing that happened today
Spend five minutes tonight talking to someone
Play outside for 10 minutes today
Cuddle under a blanket and watch a favorite show or movie with someone this week
Leave special messages in someone’s lunch bag or special spot
When you correct someone today do it quietly, gently, and lovingly
Tonight write down five things you are thankful for
Give up TV or a special activity one day this week
Say something nice about everyone at dinner tonight
Make someone else’s bed today
Do the Stations of the Cross today
Wake up early tomorrow and have some quiet time with Jesus
Go to bed early tonight
Make a nice dinner
Make a nice lunch
Make a special breakfast this week
Get out of bed right away one morning this week
Exercise fifteen minutes today
Drink five glasses of water today
Say a decade of the rosary today
Say a rosary with someone this week
Clean a closet out this week
Pray with someone today
Clean something for fifteen minutes today
Pray for your god parents today
Dress extra nice today
Fix your hair today
Smile as much as possible today
Say a good Act of Contrition
Give away something Make a secret sacrifice
Clean someones room for 10 min
Bring a neighbor a treat
Send a note or draw a picture for someone
Pray for someone who annoys you
Drink only water today
Turn the heat down today
Write down a bible verse from the "Passion" gospel
Cook a special Lenten food (pretzels, hot cross buns, look here, or here) Or these ideas

I posted last year.
Make a Spiritual Communion today:

My Jesus, I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love You above all things, and I desire to receive You into my soul. Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. I embrace You as if You were already there and unite myself wholly to You. Never permit me to be separated from You.

There are tons of ideas here!!!


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Laura O in AK said...

I love this idea! I just might implement it next year for me and a seperate one for the boys.