Wednesday, March 7, 2012

kobe 2012



Drina said...

I just received this email from my sister. I haven't watched all of this video yet, but I thought you might be interested anyway.

"So.... I keep seeing these links to "Kony2012", "StopKony", "MakeKonyFamous", etc. And I thought what a horrible, evil man. But then I saw a couple other links, more up-to-date and tells, as Paul Harvey would say, "...the rest of the story."

I'm not asking you to get involved or not to get involved. It just makes me mad when people like "Invisible Children" don't give you ALL the information.

I'm just saying, do the research and be informed. Kony is evil, no doubt. But he is no longer the threat these people make him out to be.

So... if you are passed on a link to a video from "Invisible Children" to "StopKony", after watching their 30 minute video, come back here and read these articles.

Again, don't care what you do, just be informed before you do it.

Sometimes I despise the internet..."

Sam said...

Drina, thanks I will have to check it out more. I did go on Snopes before I posted it...they didn't have anything on it. Very curious how this entire thing is gonna pan out. The LORD has really put HUMAN TRAFFICKING on my heart lately.

John said...

Yes, I haven't read up on the Kony situation or the Stop Kony organization to know if they are worth donating to. It's definitely a good thing to become more aware of it all and do what we can to help. What a heartbreaking tragedy in Uganda.

John said...

oop - accidentally signed in under my husband. This is Drina, not John :)

Sam said...

I don't ever financially support things like this anyway. I was mainly posting it to get the word out. I have seen lots of controversy over this in a short couple of days. I will continue to pray for a stop to HUMAN TRAFFICKING and hope they help solve the problem.