Thursday, March 29, 2012

ONE YEAR after the 17 DAY Diet & Workout schedule:

Today is my year anniversary from being overweight. One year ago I weighed 163 lbs. My baby was about a year and 1/2. My mom had died on Feb 15, 2011 and after eating junk and comfort food for a month, I felt gross. My daughter was getting married in Aug and my 25th High school Reunion was in July. So, I asked a friend who lost 30lbs on the 17 day diet to help me out. I lost 35lbs and was a happy 127 during the festivities.

It is a year today and I am still 127 and love eating healthy and kinda like exercising. With the support of my triathlete/marathon husband I have kept it off.

My recent hour workout schedule looks a little like this:
Thanks to my personal trainer who helped me make a plan:
Gym 5-6:15 or so
Do HIIT run-looks like this:
warm up on 5 for 2 min
go to 6.5 for one min
go to 7. for one min
go to 7.5 for one min
go to 8 for one min
go to 8.5 for one min
go to 9 for one min

then back to 6.5 and do it again
I do this the circuit three times

Then I go to do weight training:
(do each 15 times for 3 rotations)
1. Chest Fly (on back with 15lb weight in each hand-bring up to each other)
2. Back Row (on each side with 25lb, knuckle on bench, knee on bench, back straight, pull up weight like pulling a lawn mower cord up)
3. Shoulder Raise (10lb weight in each hand, stand up straight, lift up arms at the same time
4. Standing in one place a reverse lung with the 10lb weights in each hand about 15 times
5. 15 Tricep extension behind my back
6. Bicep Curls (hold a 15lb weight in each hand one at a time curl up arm-15 sets, so 30 times)

Then I do some ab workouts...the roman Chair, then some and leg lift/crunches.

On Tues/Thurs I use a ARC Trainer. Some days I go super easy...but today I think was one of my best ever workouts. I did the arc for one hour on resistance of 30, it ended up being 2.67 miles burning about 701 cal, plus I use 2lb hand weights in each hand doing arm lifts/boxing punches, and just pumping my arms with them. Not sure how I would do without my ipod. I have an hour worth of Christian pop music that really helps me get moving. Then home to shower and wait for the babies to wake up!

On Sat/Sun I sometimes take off, do a short run, workout video, or ab workouts. It all depends on our busy schedule.



Cheryl said...

You go Sam! You were always beautiful tho…
So proud of you… : ) And thanks for helping me and my family!

Katie said...

Way to go Sam! You look awesome! Plan on going to the gym next week . . . taking it easy just running this week . . . I need to show you a great lower body workout for your legs!

Anonymous said...

Making the rest of us look bad! But you are the sweetest hottie I know- all the fitness couldn't embellish a more lovely soul!

Tina said...

Thanks for sharing... I just wanted to write that several months back I clicked on your blog from the Faith & Family web site comments and read about you losing all that weight and running a 5K... I have to admit, I thought, "If she can do it after 12 kids, surely I can do it after 'only' 4!" So I looked online for a 5K training program and came across the Couch to 5K program. I've never been a runner in my life and here I find myself running 2.5 miles/25 minutes today. A few weeks back I realized that I wasn't going to lose the rest of my baby weight if I didn't start eating right, so I checked out the 17 Day Diet and here I am, 10 pounds lighter (and counting) already. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for your inspiration! God bless you!

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