Thursday, December 4, 2008


My wonderful husband gave me a kiss this morning...then he said, "I feel like I am kissing a fourteen year old", hmmm, I pride & vanity thought good thoughts...cause I am so young, so pure, I had to ask..."why?" He looked at me with his sardonic smile and said "because of your complexion." You see I have had a weird bout with zits on my chin and forehead...I thought I paid my dues in my teens...well, it is coming back. Is this part of my mid life crisis? Maybe my body is just in shock at not being pregnant...this is almost a record for me, I have only gone once this long without being pregnant in 20 years...not happy about it either...OK, I know I am blessed and I will keep quiet and say:


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Rob said...

even with a few zits you are still totally hot honeu-buns