Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Answer These New Years Questions...

Dainelle Bean asks From Faith and Family:

1. Did I grow closer to God in the past year? How will I grow closer to God this year?

2. What is one new thing I will pray for this year?

3. What would I consider my worst habit and what can I do to work on it in the coming year?

4. What is the one thing I will do in the coming year that will most benefit my family?

5. What is the most important decision I made last year or will make this year?

6. What new habit would I most like to adopt this year?

7. What is one new skill I would like to learn the coming year?

8. What was the most important book I read last year/want to read this year?

9. What are my talents and what will I do to better serve God and the Church with them in the coming year?

10. What is one thing that I regret in the past year and what can I do about it in the new year?

I will get back to these in a couple of days...deep meditation...

Thy will be done!!!+JMJ+

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