Friday, November 30, 2012

Crazy schedules:

The following is a reminder to me when I am old of the crazy things I did!

1am- 3 year old hop in bed with us
4:45-wake up
6:45-baby wakes up
6:45-7-have some prayer time
7-8-feed little boys, do dishes, throw in a load of laundry
8-check email and write this post
8:15-change sheets on some of the beds
9-mass and hopefully confession
10-make sure school work is done
11-clean and get ready for party tonight
12pm-go to Knights of Columbus Hall to plan for our annual Father/Daughter Dance in March
1-keep cleaning and make dinner
4-meet with a young man to discuss these questions!
4:30-Wishing my hubby well as he heads off to a Men's Retreat
5-7- My 7 year old's birthday party
7-9-My 14/12/11 year old having friends over for a movie night and watching the new Spider Man
7-9-Having some mom's over to discuss Christmas Gift ideas
10-Till I drop...clean the Christmas stuff in my room and put away laundry

(Let's see how much I get done!)

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