Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Ever since I was little I wanted alot of kids...
well, there was a short couple of months that I considered the convent. 
Hmmm...ok, I have considered it while being married and having all these kids too! 

 When I was 19!

I was blessed to be adopted into a family with 8 children. 
Being the youngest and the only one adopted I considered myself VERY SPECIAL!
 OK, I still do! 
BEACH 2012

Mommy tears:
My 6 year old CC had to use her spelling word HERE in a sentence.
"I wish Caleb was here."
Gotta love a little sister's admiration of her big brother who far away at college 
(45min) and comes home very often to see us! 
Her only request for her birthday was that he come home!

CC and Caleb!!!
Now that is why I have all these kids!!!


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bill bannon said...

The oddity in Catholicism ( and I believe in Catholicism) is that the small family choice of the Holy Family is never discussed at all....and I mean never. Did Mary and Joseph adopt? It doesn't seem so because Christ on the cross had to entrust Mary to John in her old age and John was a non relative. Why didn't they adopt? I think they were very poor. It's that simple. Years ago I sent money for ten years for one particular orphan in India and she had three siblings also in orphanges but their mom was alive but could not afford her own children when her husband died of a brain aneurism. She worked as a maid near the orphanges so that she could visit her children. In the
West, she would receive governmental aid whereby she
could stay with them ( in the security). In India widows lost their very station in life and lost
their children also. It is that type of context in which Mary and Joseph made their choices. Joseph also seemed to be older than Mary by many years and rightly probably saved money to leave her something but it was running out perhaps by the time Christ entrusted her to John.