Monday, November 19, 2012

St Gerard:

I can never get enough of good old St Gerard stories...My family attended a Homeschool Family Day at our Diocesan Seminary  my 11 year old was intrigued about this story they told about St Gerard and Baby we looked it up.
Found the story here:
Feast  Day: October 16th
Patron Saint of: Good Confessions, Motherhood, Workingmen, and vocations
December 11, 1904 
Born: April 6, 1726

When saint Gerard was a little boy he would go to the little chapel down the road and pray and every-time he would come back with a loaf of bread. When his family would ask him about it he would say " A beautiful boy gave it to me."  One day his sister followed him and saw him pray in front of a statue of Mary holding  baby Jesus and then something strange happened, the statue of baby Jesus came to life and started playing with him! When they were done playing baby Jesus gave him a loaf of bread. One of his early miracles was he was working as a Bishops male version of a maid and he dropped the house keys down the well, he simply got a small statue of baby Jesus put it in the bucket and when he brought the bucket back up the keys were in baby Jesus's hands. Later on in his life when he tried to join a religious order 3 times but was refused because of his health. Finally on the fourth try he was admitted and sent to live at Redemptorist with a note saying here is a useless brother. In a few years he proved himself not to be useless. Some of the Other miracles he performed were : raised a small boy from the dead, Levitates while deep in prayer,  helped save a mothers unborn baby (that's why one of his Patrons is mother hood, this happened on several occasions) While he was  helping this one girl get into the Religious order, she decided she didn't like it and quit. Since you cant quit it without reason she claimed that he raped her ans she was then pregnant. Gerard got severely punished by ; not being able to talk to other people, and not able to receive the body of Christ. He took this very hard and put himself in confinement because he couldn't trust himself from seizing the body from the priest. Months past and this woman was very ill she wrote an apology letter and then passed  away. In 1755 he passed away, he put a note on his door that read "The will of God is done here, as God wills it and as long as He wills it."

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