Wednesday, December 16, 2009



Really you can't go wrong with a baby doll. I mean any little girl would love to play with any baby. My oldest had a big ugly doll with butched hair I got at a garage sale for a quarter named Chrisse doll (after her aunt who had bad hair cuts as a child) and she still has that thing!!!

Two years ago, my now four year old loved baby dolls, not any of the eight Bitty Babies from American girl, no she loved the dollar store ones. She got about seven that year from everyone who new us...every time they were at the dollar store they would pick up one for her. Sure they only lasted a couple of months, but we didn't care.

I will say that the American girl Bitty Baby and Twins are worth the money. We have about eight of them. Black, some white, Hispanic, and the two sets of twins.

They last a long time and if necessary you can send them back to the baby hospital. They come back all clean and in a hospital gown and balloon.

The strollers and accessories are nice, but the clothes ate too expensive.


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