Saturday, December 5, 2009

IMITATION OF CHRIST: meditation of the day...

The Fifty-Eighth Chapter
High Matters and the Hidden Judgments of God Are Not to Be Scrutinized

(part two)

The Voice of Christ

Some are drawn by the ardor of their love with greater affection to these saints or to those, but this affection is human and not divine. I am He who made all the saints. I gave them grace: I brought them to glory. I know the merits of each of them. I came before them in the blessings of My sweetness. I knew My beloved ones before the ages. I chose them out of the world—they did not choose Me. I called them by grace, I drew them on by mercy. I led them safely through various temptations. I poured into them glorious consolations. I gave them perseverance and I crowned their patience. I know the first and the last. I embrace them all with love inestimable. I am to be praised in all My saints. I am to be blessed above all things, and honored in each of those whom I have exalted and predestined so gloriously without any previous merits of their own.

He who despises one of the least of mine, therefore, does no honor to the greatest, for both the small and the great I made. And he who disparages one of the saints disparages Me also and all others in the kingdom of heaven. They are all one through the bond of charity. They have the same thought and the same will, and they mutually love one another; but, what is a much greater thing, they love Me more than themselves or their own merits. Rapt above themselves, and drawn beyond love of self, they are entirely absorbed in love of Me, in Whom they rest. There is nothing that can draw them away or depress them, for they who are filled with eternal truth burn with the fire of unquenchable love.

The past two days I have tried to figure out what I am to learn from these meditations. Some days seem so relevant and others I can't figure out what they are saying. This time I think the Lord is trying to remind me that we are all called to be saints. He will give us the grace to persevere through any temptation and we should start living like saints here on earth. Loving one another in great, that is something to meditate on!!!


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