Monday, December 28, 2009



Unfortunately despite a multitude of prayers Katalin did not make it. She passed away Fri night around 11pm. She threw a clot during labor and had a heart attack. They did all they could but were unable to save her. Baby is doing wonderfully, however. He was born 6lbs 3oz and did not require a ventilator. He began bottle feedings on Sunday night a week ago. They removed all his tubes and wires on Wed and his father was able to bathe him and hold him wire free! He was 33 weeks and the doctors have said they most likely will not release him any before 35 weeks. I think he might get to come home this coming week!

Please pray for all family members so they will make wise decisions and be at peace during this stressful, sad time.



Mary @ cheerios said...

Sam, I am so very glad that you posted the update on Katalin. I have been thinking about her since you requested prayers. I have offered up all our illnesses and my sleepless nights for her. I am so glad the baby boy is okay-Praise God! We will continue praying. Thanks again for posting.

God bless, Mary

Maurisa said...

Oh, Sam, this so very sad. Thank you for posting the update. We'll continue to pray, but now for the repose of her soul, as well as the continued strengthening of her baby boy.