Thursday, February 26, 2009

Small Successes Thursday...

It is Thursday and I can finally say I had a small success!!!

It is amazing what I can do for Lent that I can't do at any other time.

My small success is I have been doing great at my Lenten sacrifices!!! I know, it is just one day...but this is small successes---right!!! I am trying to only go on line before 7am and after 7pm, so to spend more time with my kids and my homemaking skills!!! It was amazing how much I got accomplished!!! I cleaned, played cards with my five year old, went for a walk,got dinner ready, and did laundry...I also learned a good lesson from a friend who said, "I am not that important" when she decided not to answer the phone during a busy family time. It really made me think...I constantly think, "I need to check email, just in case...something or someone needs my attention!!! Then I thought, "I am working on Humility this year." So I really am not that important, and there is nothing so important about me that I must check my email!!!
Go see more successes from Faith and Family!!!

It is going to be a great Lent!!!


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mary said...

good thing you have a phone!