Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blogging for Rob...American Idol night...

So sorry...I just can't be that sardonic, but for those of you who missed it and counted on my dear husband...I will give it a shot!!!

My hubby is sick; and asleep... so I am blogging for him


Group night and lots of tears and emotions!!! There are 107 left and lots of desperation!!! Meltdown mania…

Lots of opinions and lots of fake personalities

Exhaustion and fighting


Skin commercial


Kay jewelery so cute every kiss began with k

Scrubbing bubbles;

Reese’s commercial-hungry

Verizon-why doesn’t he say Uncle Rickie , doesn’t owe me money…

Car commercial old lady beating-that will be me when I am old-nation wide


Fructis shampoo-my girls like it cause it smells good and like the Smoothing milk stuff

Acela Amtrak

Fox TV com-lie to me

Hell week

Laughing girl kinda whiny

Bikinis girl is back…should be interesting…clothes are scary…Nice purse…makeup case…teach me what I missed...Total Makeup…looks like she spent two hours just on her makeup

In or out…

Dry contacts

ATNT mobile; married 38 years…I love you, and this time I mean it ( boy if rob was here you would of got an entire paragraph on this...I don't know if he told you...but, his comment to me often is, "I told you once I love you, and if I change my mind, I'll let you know...) yes-that's the sardonic guy I married!!!

Bulldogs named Steve? -rob would of loved this part of the commercial too...

Color your world eye make up


Turbo tax-refund? Have kids

Cartoons for coke-strange-whet happen to good old coke commercials? (ok-I am old)

Madagascar two -haven't seen it yet...we are way too cheap to take 11 kids to the movies when we can get it free at the library or for $1 at RED BOX...

White stripes? Do they work? I would love to use them...I just figure if your pregnant or nursing you can't...just like everything else in the world, and I have been pretty much pregnant and nursing for the past 20 years...

Weird TV commercial about dollhouse show...looks bad-hmmm, no guilt???


Kodak theater pressure is on…if you forget the words you are out!!! pretty simple...

100 left…judges say toughest day – they are a little grouchy too...

First group so good!!! I like them, happy and peppy

Others through and more out

Evil eye Paula… Again...rob would of had a hay day with this...I wonder what Paula thinks of them doing that to her eyes...come on she has to say no to someone every once in a while...

Train wreck is coming...


I want a quarter pounder!!! Now!!!-why aren’t my driving teenagers here? Pregnant momma wants some food...

pink panther movie-please don't mess with the Pope...

Bubble bath- dove

Eddie with one eye, weird my little kids would freak about this H and R block
Cant believe my eye-OK, kinda funny

Lie to me TV show...not bad, I should pick up on some hints to catch my teenagers...

Fox news morning show

Local news…

Hd tv Comcast

Reveal me face invisible hair removal

Back to Idol:

Simon is cranky!!!

Nice harmony and performance-scary with Danny and their friends

Team diva is up…Bikini girl says she has scoliosis, in her heals...Simon has no sympathy...she is all about me...nice big model smile, with pose and all...I wonder if she was one of those 3 year old girls whose mom dragged around to beauty pageants when she was little??? Again...wish rob saw this...and he thinks he has drama with five daughters and a pregnant wife!!!

Speaking about Drama—that is what Hollywood is all about I guess this is part of the IDOL weed out those who can't work well with others and can't handle drama...


Orange juice-we need it for our colds around here...tho, when we buy the good stuff, my kids can't figure out why it tastes so strong and is so yellow...around here, I water it down so much...hey, every little bit helps!?

Love the bars commercial and the dad with the monkey, it just took me about a year to get it and find all the bars symbolism in the commercial...OK, did you see it?

Movie he is just not that into you...hmmm? we shall see how it rates on Plugged in on Friday...

Kay jewelry you will remember this place-cute, did I ever tell you about Rob proposing to me on a cliff? I will another time...

Football with chunky soup…just can’t get that excited about soup in a can...

Permission to have more… No; a car Mazda 3i sport -darn-i was hoping someone would just give us permission about this kid stuff...

Local news…

Hells kitchen…does this guy like anyone? I would like to see him cook for Simon

Lie to me…fox , quote of the night...More popular the kid, the better the liar...hey, I was popular=and I am a horrible liar...My hubby is a great liar, hmmmm, not a quality I really want my husband to have...

Only the strong survive…annoying…laughing girl makes it...I am not sure about her tactics and stress level...hasn't anyone told her to get rid of that horrible laugh?

Hide the belly Nancy… girl needs mercy. She got cut.

I like he goat tee guy( Osmond guy)…too bad

75 made it

Sorry I am not that exciting...pray my sweety gets better soon!!!



Mau said...

Thanks Sam, I can't bear to watch AI until they have the top 12 or so. I love to read the synopsis on Rob's blog just so I don't have to suffer through the actual shows.

You did a great job and I thought you were very funny, just not sardonic. I can't believe how many commercials there are!

Mary said...

ha ha!!! good job summing it up!!!

momto5minnies said...

I love your commercial summaries because I missed them ... fast forwarded through them.

I really liked the 1st group that went (white chocolate) and also the 2 girls, 2 guys (Danny ... lost his wife guy). Good harmony.

I just like to skip to the final 12 ... soon!

Hope ROB feels better.