Thursday, February 5, 2009

IMITATION OF CHRIST: Meditation of the day...

The Thirty-Fifth Chapter
There is No Security from Temptation in This Life (part one)

The Voice of Christ
MY CHILD, in this life you are never safe, and as long as you live the weapons of the spirit will ever be necessary to you. You dwell among enemies. You are subject to attack from the right and the left. If, therefore, you do not guard yourself from every quarter with the shield of patience, you will not remain long unscathed.

Moreover, if you do not steadily set your heart on Me, with a firm will to suffer everything for My sake, you will not be able to bear the heat of this battle or to win the crown of the blessed. You ought, therefore, to pass through all these things bravely and to oppose a strong hand to whatever stands in your way. For to him who triumphs heavenly bread is given, while for him who is too lazy to fight there remains much misery.

Lord please guide me in my daily battles and struggles. Help me to grow stronger and closer to You!


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