Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Toy Review Tuesday:

We have seven winter birthdays...it is really hard to find anything fun, practical, and that we need. We really have EVERYTHING!!! (just come look at our messy house)

I need ideas!!! Please send me suggestions of things that you would actually buy again!!!

Here are some of our past ideas!!!



Mikki said...

Buy gifts that start with the first letter of the persons first name, or the first letter of first and last name. Example, person's name is Warren Smith so a gift idea would be Warm Socks. Name is Patricia Smith gift idea would be Pretty Scarf or Purple Sweater. Connie Turned might be Canned Tuna. It can get bizarre and funny.

Sam said...

Mikki, what a creative idea. I never heard of it. I did get them things with their initials on them. Thanks!