Wednesday, November 16, 2011


People always ask me about chores...what age? How much?

Well I am known for having the world's largest job chart...
My motto is: "If it needs to be done...then find someone to do it!"
The funny question is, "how do you get them to do it?" Well, you gotta be were not put on this earth to be your kids buddy...but to teach them responsibility and a good work ethic.

One of my favorite stories was when my Barbara was about five. I was sitting on the couch nursing the baby at the time. When I told her to do her jobs...she looked at me and said, "What are your jobs!!!???" I looked her in the face (trying not to laugh) and said, "I am doing my job...the most important job of all. Feeding the baby and making sure you guys do your jobs!" Well, she is almost 16 now and she still has a mouth on her!

Does your kid have a life? Don't they want to play with friends, the computer, an ipod, the wii, use their phone, go on facebook? If they want a life...than they do their jobs!!!

By best advice about how to make a job chart is to sit down a couple of nights and look around your house. Think about what frustrates you...what frustrates your husband? (cuz, it isn't gonna work if you don't tailor it to your family, your house, your circumstances!)

Me: I looked around my house and saw...the front hall a when a friend or neighbor came by I was too embarrassed to let them, I keep my front room clean and the hallway. No one is allowed upstairs for various reasons and we try to tidy up the downstairs as much as possible. Also, I am very disappointed at the end of the day if I didn't have a chance to read to the babies or play a game with the preschooler...

So some jobs on the job chart are: clean front hall/clean living room/read to kids/play game with kids

My Husband: He hated pulling up the street after a long day at work and seeing our house look like an orphanage with bikes, strollers, scooters, helmets, car seats, balls, etc...all over the yard. He also hates when he opens the van door and three shoes and five water bottles fall out...

So some jobs on the job chart are: clean front yard/clean front porch/clean car

So make it work for your family. I really like what Mommy Matters Blog says about jobs:

From Barbara Curtis:


Each child has his own timetable, so ages are suggested and approximate. Ages given are on the early side; for boys, who mature more slowly, add six months to ages given.

1 1/2 years:

Getting diaper for self or new baby
Putting disposable diaper in trash
Picking up small items from floor
Shutting cabinet doors
Turning on dishwasher

2 years:

Putting away toys
Unloading dishwasher — putting away plastic dishes and cups

2 1/2 years

“Folding” napkins
Helping set table
Putting away silverware
Peeling carrots
Pouring measured items into mixing bowl
Putting away broom and dustpan.

3 years:

Dusting lower shelves
Emptying small trash cans
Carrying stacks of clothes to rooms

4 years:

Feeding baby
Putting away books
Further dusting
Sorting recyclables

5 years:

Making bed
Setting table
Feeding pets
General straightening of rooms

6 years:

Pouring milk for family meals
Clearing table
Emptying trash
General folding
Polishing silver, brass.

7 years:

Loading dishwasher
Sweeping floor
Opening cans
Cleaning windows
Helping with grocery shopping

8 years:

Washing pans
Cleaning bathrooms
Beginning cooking skills
Sewing buttons
Helping with grocery list

9–10 years:

Changing baby’s diapers
Helping with meal planning
Further cooking skills
Washing car

At this age, the child should be able to learn any housekeeping skill, as long as you are willing to teach him. Certain skills, such as ironing, mowing lawn, and babysitting for siblings depend on maturity level and/or family circumstances. Parents know best.

------isn't she so wise!

See some of my older posts on this subject here! Or of course my hubby will make you laugh when you read this!

I could talk for days about this...but, I gotta go do my chores!!!

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