Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Toy Review Tuesday...join in-Christmas ideas:


Since we need no more toys in this house and are starting our 7 winter birthdays...I always look for great ideas for Christmas and birthdays.

This idea has worked since our house is freezing!!!

Some kids just might be getting these for Christmas...(BJ's had them for $10)



Anonymous said...

I really want a set of those little wooden painted saints that Elizabeth and Jessica have on their blogs, but I want alot of stuff.. we do not have enough toys. I bent on getting those bouncy horses for the twins!

laurazim said...

You can't mean it! I got a Snuggie last year from my mom. I'm afraid I laughed so hard when I saw it, I may have left a spot on the chair I occupied....and I'm pretty sure it's why my mom hasn't been to our house since.

No, really--I just gave the thing away--TONIGHT, even--to Mama Midwife!! We pretty much roared laughing when her husband put the thing on. They're clever, I suppose, but a little cumbersome if you're shorter than 6' 6".....

Sam said...

My two teenagers love them...but when the rec room is 4o degrees...I guess I can't blame them+