Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Me with most of my kids hours after delivering my 11 pound 11th child!!!

For those who know me you know that I am very different. Always have been a little on the radical/crazy side. Hence the 12 kids+++

Ever since I got married 20 years ago I have been excited to have a child. Hey, I got pregnant on my honeymoon and haven't had much of a break since. Never really wanted or needed one. God has taken care of me just fine. My doctors and midwives have been in awe at the way my body bounces back to shape. The fact that I am always late shows that my cervix is strong and very capable of holding on to my babies. My heart goes out to those who have physical problems and I know many friends and relatives who have worked hard to have a baby. I have never been on bed rest and the extreme of my difficulties is my veins.

Having this C section has blown me out of the water...not to mention the staff infection and other problems I had to deal with for weeks. My pediatrician even laughed at me and said, "now you are normal." I think I like being my own crazy healthy self!

I am six weeks past that crazy delivery and I am finally thinking of another baby coming into our took me awhile this time. In stead of seeing a pregnant woman and wishing it was me...I look at her with dismay, and think- oh, that poor dear and what she has to go through!

The positive thought is that I can relate and pray more for those during labor and who have difficulties with childbirth. Yes, I am even more grateful and appreciative of my healthy deliveries!!!



Rob said...

so you are ready to have another baby sweetie? I'll be right home ;)

Katie said...

Sam, you amaze me . . . even after a fairly uncomplicated c-section, it has taken me 18 months to say "Ok, I want another baby and I think I can go through another c-section again." 6 weeks after, I am thinking "NO, way." After K's and A's c-sections, I said "I do not think I can do this again." Luckily, I must have a poor memory!

Leah of RamFam said...

You don't know me, but I arrived here via your husband quite amusing blog. Not sure how I ended up at his site, but anyhow...
Can I ask you a couple of questions? I am expecting my fifth in February and am really having a lot of vein pain as well. Do you wear support from your waist down or just on your legs? Is there a good brand of support stockings that don't cost too much? Thanks for your time.
Praying for you and yours during your babymoon.
Leah :)