Monday, October 5, 2009

Another boring health update:

Monday-went to Dr in fever. Dr wasn't happy that I had low temp during night 99-100. New antibiotic again then more blood work on Wed, and they will re open incision on Thurs to see what is going on...I think just a small cut? (Hopefully) Next on my list to do is infectious disease specialist, if by Thurs if we don't find anything...offering up all for friends Ken and Michelle!!!



Anonymous said...

These are not boring to read- please keep them coming.

Maurisa said...

Is this a different Dr.? I'd be leery about letting him cut you open again. Don't they think that might increase your risk for infection? This is all very weird. If you are on the mend, for the most part, why do they want to interfere more?

I'll be continuing to pray for you!