Monday, October 19, 2009

Movie review Monday...

THE PROPOSAL: I guess it was worth the watch...but not half as good as promoted...not for kids and if you have it first and use the fast forward button...some inappropriate stupid scenes.

CALAMITY JANE: Wasn't my favorite musical but the kids thought it was funny. Family film. Thanks Jo for the suggestion.


Anonymous said...

Did you think CJ had too much objectionable stuff in it? I am sometimes too lax about these kinds of things, I think.

Rob said...

Proposal wasn't half as funny as it thought it was plus it was smutty.
Calamity Jane was family friendly but a bit boring

laurazim said...

We love Calamity Jane--and all things Doris Day--at our house. The earlier musicals are lots of fun for the kids, and the later romantic comedies are a hoot for Date Night with the hubby.

I caught the link over to you from your husband's blog, and I shall now add you to my blogroll as well! Thanks for the great read, and I look forward to more womanly wisdom. :)