Friday, October 2, 2009

House cleaning:

People ask me how I do it all the time...especially housework---it bothers me-after my 8th I couldn't believe how much time I spent nursing. I have never been a good housewife...too sangiuine for that. I have found a couple of tricks to help maintain sanity around here:

1. leave front room/house clean...everything else whatever
2. ask friends/neighbors/etc to help fold, or read to kids/etc while you do it...
3. have kids do it/ the fly lady says a poorly swept kitchen is better than none at gets better when they are older...
4. I do have a lady come clean my bathrooms once a month...she charges $21 an hour and an older lady helps with school who charges $5 an hour but I pay her $10 because I love her so much she comes about 3 hours a week sometimes once sometimes twice...
5.I also have had teens over to play with the kids, even 10 year old neighbors who love kids can play with a toddler while I clean up the house.

Don't have too high expectations. But try to maintain order...I am a happier mom/teacher when I can find my stuff+++



momto5minnies said...

Keeping my house the way I would like for it to be is my struggle. We don't have it in our budget to have a cleaning lady (although it probably could be figured out). I know from peeking in some other people's homes, that they have these museum like atmosphere. Sometimes I wish I could have that, but then I know there would likely be a lot less joy in the house. My own mom was a clean/neat freak which could be where I get my high standards from ;)

I do try to make sure my entry way is neat.

Laura O said...

I can't say that our house is anywhere close to where I want it. But, the more organized things are (especially the homeschool stuff!), the easier it is to maintain. My boys are old enough that they are getting more chores to do. Middle son doesn't get the dishes as clean as hubby might like, but I figure it'll take time to get there.

After my third was born, I had the motto "I just want the family fed, clothes clean and nothing growning where it shouldn't be!" Of course, that was 6 years ago when my eldest was 6. So, I'm expecting this time around to be at least a *little* better.