Friday, May 17, 2013

Letter to My Big Kids:

1. STAY close to God…
A) Remember He is your best friend
b) Say your daily prayers: morning/meals/night-(guardian angel prayer, act of contrition, rosary)
c) Talk to your guardian angel frequently
d) Read your bible
e) Remember you can talk to God whenever and wherever
f) Ask Him to protect you before you drive
g) Daily mass is the key to a closer relationship and wisdom to HIS will-do a spiritual communion if you can’t make daily mass
2.  Keep good company with well respected friends
3. Study hard/work hard-when you are in school work your hardest. When you are at work be diligent and a hard worker
4. Respect-those around you and your surroundings
5. Don’t drink until you are 21 and when you do drink don’t drive and don’t ever get drunk.
6. If you date (after age 18- protect your purity with all you got! Your virginity is your gift to your spouse on your wedding night. Remember our rules and don’t put yourself in any situation that you may compromise your values.)
7. Reputation-guard yours and respect others. Don’t cause others reason to talk bad about you and don’t ever speak mean of others. Remember what Gram would say, “IF YOU CAN’ T SAY ANYTHING NICE, DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!”
8. Stay close to your siblings…they are your lifelong friends! Be a good example and guide your younger siblings!
9. Social Media is useful, but be careful what your post and read…remember that real people and real relationships are important, talking in real life is crucial.
10. Drive safely, be aware of your surroundings and don’t text and drive. 

Anything else I should say???

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