Thursday, August 9, 2012

Maybe this is why God created him:

I have decided that Steven wants to change hearts and let the world know how special he really is. Maybe from our story or his pictures...he already reminds me of St Therese of the little flower...her little life touched so many and she is still the patron of missionaries around the world! Feel free to share our story and pictures...maybe a mom in crisis will find strength or a mom who doesn't realize just how precious her unborn baby is will choose life! 
Who knows...maybe this is why God created him...
this could be the MIRACLE we all were praying for!!!
Here and here are some past posts about our story. 


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Robin E. said...

Thank you Sam for sharing your little saint. I will pray for his intercession for babies in danger of abortion, and for my own baby boy, to help him become a warrior for Christ.

St. Stephen, pray for us!