Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pantry organizing day...

I love my pantry...when we redid our kitchen I just had my hubby put a wall 2 feett out from the wall and added two doors. I just reorganized everything and it feels so great.


My hubby is a AMAZON NUT...he orders everything from amazon. He is on the PRIME membership and even gets shipments automatically sent to him...for instance...spaghetti sauce...well, since I haven't been eating much pasta and he realized he has a wheat allergy...we need to stop that shipment.

This is some of what we have:
42 cans of sardines...don't ask, amazon deal
28 boxes of pasta
18 rolls of paper towels
14 jars of BBQ sauce
6 bottles of cooking oil
23 cake mixes
10 tubs of icing
16 boxes of jello/pudding mix
9 boxes of various crackers
9 bottles of salad dressing
6 containers of parm cheese
18 jars of peanut butter
13 bags of pretzels/gold fish
7 boxes of gran bars
2 jelly
9 cans of green beans
7 cans of pineapples
8 cans of baked beans
23 jars of spaghetti sauce (another amazon deal)
4 jars of mayo
11 jars of salsa
10 four pound containers of drink mix...what was my hubby thinking?
20 boxes of cereal
10 bags of nacho chips

So, come on over for some food and we will have a great time!!!


Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

My husband is one of 7 and this reminds me SO MUCH of my in-law's pantry! Ours is getting there, too, but we only have 3 kids so far. :-)

Katie said...

23 cake mixes???? That is a lot of cake! And icing!!

sam said...

no comment about the sardines? We usually have that many cakes...always a party here and we make cookies out of cake mixes!!!

1 cake mix
1/ cup of oil
2 eggs
any chips or nuts
cook 350 for about 1 min

tammy said...

You guys should be able to knock that out in no time. Might take a while to finish off those sardines, though. ;) Although, they are yummy mixed with mustard and eaten on crackers.