Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Budget Wedding post one:

Buy your ties from Amazon

Have your sister make appetizers

Have your friend make the cake and cupcakes

Get eight suits from Goodwill, online, friends, and consignment shops...

Get shoes at consignment stores or from friends:

Buy your own table cloths and napkins....surprisingly it is cheaper than renting.

Have friends do your hair...little things add up.

Rent a hall and have lots of friends to help you set up the day before

Have Rehearsal dinner at a home with pizza, wings, and lots of other fattening fun food!

Have your awesome friends help put together the flowers

Order your flowers from a wholesaler or find a wholesale flower company.

Make and order your own decorations

More ideas later:


Maurisa said...

I need more friends :/ LOL! This is grat! Thank you!

Sam said...

Maurisa...is that possible? Anyway you got me...

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