Thursday, April 7, 2011

More on Dieting:

So with Lent and all being here...and the fact that I am not pregnant...I decided to try to lose weight again. If you read this you know I have been feeling fat lately.

This is the longest in my almost 23 years of marriage that I have not been pregnant...weird and sad...another stage in life approaching...

So I checked out a new eating plan that my girlfriend was using... It is called the 17 Day Diet: I am just a newbie and can't tell you too much...but what I can tell you is that I am eating great, not hungry (yes craving stuff), feeling wonderful, and losing weight!!!

Some general guidelines for the first 17 days called ACCELERATE CYCLE:

1. One 8oz cup of hot lemon water (squeeze half a fresh lemon in cup)
2. 3 cups of green tea a day
3. All the fresh fruits and veggies you want (minus a few) and no fruit after 2pm
4. 2 sugar free pro-biotic foods a day (like Chobani fruit yogurt and Breakstone's Live Active)
5. Eight 8oz cups of water per day
6. 17 minutes of exercise a day
7. Right now the only meat I can eat is fish (I eat tuna & tilapia), turkey breast & ground turkey (lots of turkey tacos and turkey burgers), and chicken breasts.
8. The only "fat" I can use is olive oil and cooking spray

I am sure there is a bunch I forgot...but...I guess check the book out at the library and see what you think.

Good thing it is Lent...cuz I can do this...especially for 17 days. So far I have lost about a half a pound a day.

My triathlete husband (aka "dirty hippy" due to his crazy long hair) who runs 20 miles a day for fun has placed a bet... When I get to 149 he will get a haircut!!! I only have to lose another 4 lbs and my husband is getting nervous ...a deal is a deal!!! Now he keeps tempting me to eat pancakes, fries, and take me out to our favorite spot...5 Guys!!! I am woman...hear me roar!!!
This is my sweet hubby(the short one)...
his hair is down to his shoulders now...
ok, so he is cute anyway...but!!!

I was so excited today when I was at the store...two people told me I looked great and asked me if I lost weight!!! No, "Hey you look great for having 12 kids (but secretly you look like a fat cow if you only had 3 kids)..."

Hey I am so excited cuz I just ran 4 miles on the treadmill!!! So, I will keep you posted on what happens and send pictures of my handsome husband after his haircut.

Thy will be done!!! +JMJ+

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