Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feeling Fat...

So how are you doing on your New Year’s Resolution?

You remember…that thing you promised to work on last month…that life altering, new you…

I would say that like me, 90 percent of people reevaluated their eating habits. Many diet or start new exercise programs, while others join gyms or other workout groups. I too, joined most Americans, and am trying harder to control my eating and exercise more often.

I struggle with trying to lose weight. My problem is that because I have given birth to twelve children, people expect me to be much larger than I am. Sometimes the nicest comments aren’t so helpful, friends and new acquaintances constantly tell me that I look great for having 12 kids!

I would like to be told I just look great no matter how many kids I have given birth to; I especially would like to feel good. Right now I just feel fat.

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Drina said...

I can relate. After just one child, a friend said, "Well, at least you have an excuse! You've had a baby!" (This was ten months after the fact.) Gee, thanks.