Thursday, February 4, 2010


I went to the grocery store tonight with a snow warning of approx two feet coming tomorrow!!! Why, you ask? Well, partly because my husband said I was crazy and there was going to be no more food and partly because that's what people do when the snow is coming!

Well he was pretty accurate...My 13 year old and I went with our list, big van, and a mission on hand. We went to the first parking, people in lines around the store, and only 8 gallons of milk left. Never in my shopping career have I seen a store so busy!!! Way crazier than the day before Thanksgiving. I only shop very early or very late so I never see anyone anyway.

So I said no way let's go across the road to the other store. We got to the other parking, no carts, people down the isles waiting in line...but, they had milk and I got the last 4 cartons of eggs. We got 10 gal of milk and everything else on our list and went to get in line.

Waited in line for about 20 minutes and met really nice people. Finally one guy asked..."why do you have 10 gal of milk?" I said, "I have 12 kids." "That's great!" Then the other lady said, "that's wonderful and great for the economy!" Wow, little did I know I would have my own cheering section at the grocery store!!!

Well I made it out of there unharmed and a van full of food. And yes, as usual my husband was right!!!


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Rob said...

No one listens to dear old dad