Sunday, January 22, 2017

Adult kids living at home...

Over 18 living at home contract:
Two kids married and four over 18 living at we try to make it work...

We love you all and enjoy having you (and your stuff) in our home. We are so proud of you for all your hard work and paying for your own school and expenses. Our goal for you when you are 18 and over is to help you obtain the Will of God and remain pure and free from mortal sins. This being said, we thought of some easy but helpful things we would like you to do as a “rent” to live here.
1. Clean up after yourself (bathroom, kitchen, laundry)
2. Be kind and helpful to your siblings
3. Protect the innocence of your younger siblings by what you watch, listen, or do…please don’t let them use your phones or other devices without permission from us.
4. Keep your room tidy
5. Please attend one extra mass a week and try to get to monthly confession.  We know how hard this time in life is with many important decisions and temptations, having some extra graces, wisdom, and quiet time always helps.
6.Help with house work (special cleaning projects) and school with the younger kids. Especially the kitchen, bathrooms, and extra tutoring with the little kids. 

We know you are all busy with work and school but we also feel like you find time to watch your laptop or spend time on the phone but you don’t seem to find the time and energy to help around the house, so you choose what you would like to do to contribute to our home. 
Choice A: follow the above 6 suggestions
Choice B: Pay Rent $25 a month to help hire a cleaning lady and pay for tutoring.

+JMJ+ Love, Dad and Mom 

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Special Ed said...

$24 per month seems cheap :-)