Friday, December 30, 2016

When I am discourged about my parenting...

My favorite Christmas gift: Notes from my big kids to help me when I feel discouraged with my little guys:

* “You taught me how to read. Read us books, took us for walks, and didn’t let us watch TV!” –Alex

*“Thank you for making it “normal” and “cool” to be Catholic, especially for surrounding me with great friends when I was younger, it made it easier for me to be good.”  –Josh

*“Mom always taught me to work hard and go the extra mile. By encouraging us to get jobs, and work for everything we wanted. She instilled a motivation and drive in all of us that has given myself and the rest of us kids great success.” – Caleb

*“You taught us to work hard and how to earn things and be independent. You didn’t let us get away with stuff.” –Lizzie

*“You taught us how to be self-sufficient.” –Barbara
*“By homeschooling us, no dating till 18, and no iphones until 17”. – Joey

*“Always there to talk to” –Robert

*“Homeschooling us!” -Dominic

Thy Will Be Done!!! +JMJ+

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AWWWW! that is such a nice gesture to get motivation. Kids can make you feel proud and forget all the tiredness in matter of minutes. Lovely post!