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FINANCIAL FASTING: week four...almost done!!!

Wow, we had a super busy week...and we did great on the spending...except my big along with me and see how we did!

I left off here ending our third week with Aug 19th.

So, Aug 20th:
This was a good day with some of the kids going to watch their team mates do a divisional swim meet. I made sure they remembered to pack extra food because they were not aloud to spend money at the concession.

It also was our monthly date. We were married on the 20th of May so we try to go out on a "date" on or near the 20th of each month. We were grateful we had a gift card to OUTBACK and enjoyed our time together especially since this summer has been our busiest in 24 years of parenting! Five of our kids decided to do swimming this was fun but a huge commitment especially since we don't do summer sports. It is a time to relax in our house after a busy spring soccer season. Well, I'm exhausted! (We also were thrilled that we had enough extra on our gift card to bring home a bloomin onion to our boys who babysat for us!)

That night was our pools family night party. It was great since it was free and fun! I made sure to pack lots of goodies so we were not tempted to spend at the snack bar.

July 21st:
Boys served mass and it was Donut Sunday!
Went to a wonderful going away party at this kind family's home for a holy family who will be greatly missed! It was so fun to see lots of old friends and meet a couple of new ones!

July 22nd:
Two of my kids had a soccer party to go to. God is so good. I was the one in charge of getting the gift for the coach. Since we didn't think this was really an unnecessary spending we didn't think twice about contributing to this. Well, God helps out in all things...I ended up getting the coach a bunch of gift cards at Giant Grocery store for local restaurants.  I was contributing $20 towards the coach's gift. When I opened my wallet to pay the cashier I saw a $20 Giant gift card next to all the cash I collected from the, there was my contribution and I really didn't need to spend "our money."  I also was taking three of my younger children to a special "members only" night at the Baltimore Aquarium. Since it was free I was pleased. I also haven't been considering gas or parking against our fast. Well, my super, wonderful Mother In Love came with us and paid for score again! No spending necessary!

July 23rd...nothing to tempt us!

July 24th:
Swim Team Trip! I was really worried how this was gonna end up, especially since we never have gone on this trip before. I forewarned the kids that we were not going to go to GROTTO'S pizza on the way home like the rest of the families. Everyone understood and was agreeable especially since they were so grateful that they got to go in the first place. I was so worried; that I packed enough food for three days! I was bringing seven of my own kids and five friends. With five teenage boys coming I wanted to make sure I had enough food so I wouldn't be in a situation to "have to" buy food. The trip was at a park beach, and the admission was paid for by the team. Some of the kids I brought ended up giving me $20 to help with gas and paying for the bridge. We got there bright and early and got situated. We did fine for the day and ended up taking home lots of extra food!

July 25th:
Swim Team Banquet! This wasn't going to cost anything. We were to bring a main dish, a side dish, and a drink to share. I had plenty of food in the frig and making the food was easy. Then I realized I didn't have any liters of soda or juice. We only drink water and milk unless we are at a party or hosting one...which is practically weekly in this house! I made a gallon of ice tea which is a big treat in our house. I brought it to the party and set it up with all the other drinks brought by the team. It was pretty comical seeing about 44 liters of soda and our tupperware pitcher of ice tea!
July 26th: My big mistake day...I went grocery shopping today and went to pick up a battery for my son's car. Well, the car shop just happened to be next to my all time favorite Dollar Store! I decided to stop in the Dollar Store to pick up some mosquito repellent bracelets for two of my kids who are very allergic to bites. Since we were going camping I ran in the store to see if they had any. (First mistake) In the past, when we were poorer than dirt...I would of called first to see if they had any. When the woman said they didn't I should of left right away. (Second mistake) Then I picked up some things and left. Twelve things to be exact...I got in the car to go to the grocery store and decided right then that I totally "cheated" against our FAST. It was kinda like accidentally eating a hamburger on a Friday during Lent. I didn't mean to do it and I really didn't buy anything that we didn't need. We just didn't need it this week. I could of totally waited till August!

This is what I bought:
3 pregnancy tests...(no, I am not pregnant-darn! But, since I am kinda going through menopause I take a test about every other month in hopes that we will be blessed again!)
4 packs of cupcake baking cups...(we have been running out and we have lots of birthdays coming up)
3 boy soccer bottles...(to be used for party bags for the 6 year old party we are having in August-I needed some extra)
2 packs of baking bags (kinda like party bags)

If I would of bought these things in a grocery store I wouldn't of thought they were really cheating...but since I got caught up in the dollar store and I could of waited a week- I did. It is a good reminder to my self that we need to think and retrain ourselves on our spending. Not get caught up in the moment. Purposeful Spending and well thought out! Little things like calling ahead can help alot too!

We shop at ALDI's and it has saved us tons! First of all they don't have lots of I get what I need and get out! We quit our BJ's membership since I save on buying my produce at ALDI's. 

July 27th:
Cleaning and getting organized for our family trip on Monday. We had a nice family dinner with most of my kids...we all love when the big kids come home to have a meal with us!

July 28th:
We had a relaxing day after mass and taking care of a couple of sick kids and packing for our camping trip on Monday!

I loved today's reading at mass. Two of them were my favorite. The first Gn 18:20-32
reminds me of myself...always pushing and asking God for more! Than the gospel is also just like me!
My favorite parts:
"And he said to them, “Suppose one of you has a friend
to whom he goes at midnight and says,
‘Friend, lend me three loaves of bread,
for a friend of mine has arrived at my house from a journey
and I have nothing to offer him,’
and he says in reply from within,
‘Do not bother me; the door has already been locked
and my children and I are already in bed.
I cannot get up to give you anything.’
I tell you,
if he does not get up to give the visitor the loaves
because of their friendship,
he will get up to give him whatever he needs
because of his persistence.

“And I tell you, ask and you will receive;
seek and you will find;
knock and the door will be opened to you.
For everyone who asks, receives;
and the one who seeks, finds;
and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened."

Just ask my family, friends, and neighbors...I don't know if it is because I am the youngest or it is due to my temperament...but I have no problem asking my neighbor for some bread or anything else I need! I also ASK/SEEK/and KNOCK on God's door all the time!
God and I have a great relationship...I ask and he usually gives it to me.
My motto has always been: THY WILL BE DONE!!!
I was gratefully reminded that this week when my skinny husband took off his wedding band and showed me what I had engraved in said, "THY WILL BE DONE!"
Go God! The inside of my ring says, ".Eph 25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her" 

Well, I am off to bed...but couldn't help giving my husband a huge Shout Out for starting to blog again! Please read over at Sardonic Catholic Dad and read all his post on the how to's to do this budget thing...God is good to give me such a faithful servant as a husband and he had done such a great job at posting lots of ideas on saving! (ONE THING I DID REMIND HIM was: Don't forget that a budget spreadsheet is like a family job chart you have to make it meet the needs of your individual family. Most importantly the fact that for many many years God always provided for us even when we we didn't make enough each month to pay our bills we didn't go into debt-God just met our needs!) Wow...Chores and Job Charts...don't get me started...that is for another day...


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Colleen said...

I have loved reading about your financial fast! So inspiring. We have paid down all our debt except for our house, and I don't think that will ever happen, but only God knows!