Sunday, April 14, 2013


For the few people who actually follow this blog...I thought I would share some super exciting news!!! The baby who we got as a temporary foster on April 12th 2012...well, we got legal custody of him. Than his birth mom said we could baptize him...So we had him baptized on the one year anniversary of him blessing our lives!
It was a very emotional day for me...this was so fantastic having all my babies with me in this special place!!! Rob and I were married in this chapel almost 24 years ago...I can still hear Monsignor Hogan say, "Will you accept children lovingly from God, and bring them up according to the law of Christ and his Church?" After we said "I do" the entire congregation started laughing. Now it was no surprise that Rob and I wanted lots of kids...but to hear them all laugh was so funny and made us smile! We also have had our other 12 children baptized at this very spot!!! To be holding our little miracle in our arms was so fantastic and to think he may otherwise not of been!!!
So with the thoughts above...
I was trying to thank everyone for all their prayers this year...
and I started to cry!
With daddy!
In the vestibule getting the opening blessing
The other super cool fact is that this holy priest...who I actually babysat when he was five...was baptized in this very chapel and baptismal font!!! This was his first baptism in this special place!!!
Love Barbara's face...and our little miracle pushing away Father's hand!!!
Our social worker from the very beginning!!!
God parents!!!
This statue has always been one of our favorites...but this photo someone took on my camera is really special because it has our Baby Steven Thomas's grave in the very back right corner.

What an amazing day this was...God you are so good to us all the time...
help me remember this in my times of sadness and stress!



Kimberly Grant Rouse said...

Thank you for sharing your joy with us and this special moment. It just blessed my heart.

Lisa Ranck said...

God Bless Raven & your Family! I'm so glad I got to meet him last year at Eric & Vicky's Wedding! He is a very Lucky Baby! Congratulations to the entire Fatzinger Crew!

Cheryl said...

Love this post! Love you and your family! : )

Michele Chronister said...

A million congrats!! How beautiful :-)