Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer memories:

My summer was full of loosing weight, preparing for my 25Th High School Reunion, and most of all the wedding of my oldest daughter.

As we started school this week two very small memories stuck in my mind.

First, was from the beginning of the summer. We were at the beach and I was going on my early morning walk with my baby. As we walked the board walk about 6 am I heard loud stomping behind me. When I turned around I saw about 50 young people who were in the Army Reserve training. My son and I stopped as they all ran past the stroller. When we were at the end of the board walk they were standing there waiting for the rest of their group to finish up. I tried to push the stroller past them and the captain announced for all to make way for this mother and child. As I sheepishly passed by them the captain said to the recruits, "people this is what we are doing this all for...for mothers and their children!" I had chills down my spine as I reflected all the lives that have fought for our freedom. GOD BLESS THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES FOR THEIR SACRIFICE.

The other memory is more recent. After five days of being without power and hearing the constant drumming of the generator, my husband and I were headed to bed grouchy and exhausted. We then realized that our 11,13, and 15 year old were outside without permission. Instead of gently reminding them the rules we both let them have it...we started yelling at them for not telling us they were out there, told them they were in trouble, and then started giving them a list of jobs to be done right then and there. As my 11 year old (who doesn't usually get in trouble) was sweeping he started crying. I went over and said, "what's wrong?" He sadly said, "I don't like being a big kid."

It was just so much more fun and innocent when he was with the little guys and he saw that he was crossing over to the "teen scene" with the other family trouble makers.

Of course I melted and gave my "baby" a hug.
Boy being a parent stinks sometimes.


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