Thursday, December 16, 2010


Wed Dec 15, 2010
4:45am woke up (not on purpose)
4:50am went to the gym
5-6am worked out on the elliptical
6:15-7:15 went grocery shopping (3 carts)
7:15 shut pinky in trunk...ouch!
7:25am picked up dry cleaning
7:45am got home and had all the kids empty car
8:00am clean out fire place, get kindling, and make fire (with boys help)
8:10am send out important email to a friend
8:15am got sucked in to email...
8:30am get everyone ready for mass
9:00am go to mass, need to have this time with my Lord!
9:45am eat and start cleaning the kitchen
10:00am make boys finish school
10:15am have Joseph take little boys up stairs
10:15am to 3:00pm try to clean house, do laundry, and feed kids before tonight's party
5:00pm put in pizza for dinner
5:45pm put on movie so little girls will stop asking every 5 min how long till guest come
6:00pm dump everything I couldn't clean in box put in garage
6:30pm welcome 30 guests for a Mother/Daughter Cookie Exchange
9:00pm check last minute Christmas gifts on amazon
9:30pm get ready for bed and dream of a million things for the next day
10:30pm say rosary in bed with hubby
11:00pm glad all days aren't so busy
11:05pm start thinking about my baby Robert who turns 11 on the 16th!



Drina said...

It makes my head whirl! What do you say to a young mother of two who reads this and thinks, "How does she do it?!?!" We want many more children, but it's kind of overwhelming to think of at times.

laurazim said...

I love this!!

Drina, I only have 5...what I tell the Mamas of 2 who have difficulty understanding how big families is that the older kiddos are SO helpful with the younger kiddos--even if it's just reading them a story to help occupy them for 10 minutes, or helping them with socks and shoes. Everyone pitches in, and that old addage "many hands make light work" really is true. The goal here is to keep everyone interested in helping to make things go smoothly...*that's* our challenge! :)

Drina said...

Thanks to both of you - Even when the thought of more children seems overwhelming, the thought of not having any more is so sad! In the end, we leave it to the Lord. He'll send us what blessings he wills. The name of this blog is fitting :) I hadn't seen your blog before, Laura. I look forward to checking back in!

Fr. Drew Royals said...

There's something about this photo...I can't quite put my finger on it. It really speaks to me. It makes me feel like I'm a part of the family. But what is it?