Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Gift ideas:

OK, my Christmas suggestions for 2010:

First of all don't forget the obvious never can go wrong gifts. Sports equipment like a new basketball or soccer ball. For little girls any doll usually does the trick. For elementary kids this time of year is a great time to get a new pack of crayons and markers that actually work. Also, check out Melissa and Doug's cool art pad collection. I bought about six different ones for gifts this Christmas. I also bought my five year old Critter Clinic from Target. I love this new line of toys by

I suggest buying from amazon because there is no lines, no shipping, and no tax.

Last year I got all my kids 3 things (like baby Jesus got 3 gifts)...

They were:

1. Snuggie's:I got my oldest a real "snuggie" from Toys R Us last year...about $15-cheap material, but works. The others came from BJ's last year for $10 were made by Bershire and have a pocket. They are way warmer than the others and have a cool pocket. They all love them!!! I just saw them in Ross for around $7. They also work great for people in wheelchairs to keep them warm.

2. Water bottles: Everyone got their own color with hook tops to hook to bikes and backpacks. Some fancy and some with initials on them. There are so many to choose from, just try to find the kind with easy tops and not alot of parts.

3. Flashlights: Even dad got a deluxe one. They little girls got Tinkerbell and princess ones. They big kids got their favorite colors or ones to match their cars and the middle ones got cool ones to hook on their backpacks.

Hope you got good stuff for Christmas...want to share what you got? Love good, non cluttering ideas!!!
Playmobile: if the person (or parent) you are buying for likes little characters we love playmobile in our house...16 years of buying them...we have thousands of pieces.

For those who like cars...we love our autoblox they are more expensive but well worth it. Especially if you like simple model cars.

This sounds crazy but if you are buying for a family with boys who play with gotta get the BluTrack trust me, everyone I suggest this to, love it. It can be an inside or take outside toy. Very expensive but doesn't brake.

Shape Box: ages 2-6
I just had to throw away the one we have had for 18 years. SO we decided to get this for the little guys for Christmas.

The Anti-Coloring Book and the entire Series:
I had these when I was little. Just love them and so many possibilities.
Ages 6 and up

Keepsake album by ALEX called Me by Me a perfect gift for any 3-9 year old. They are like a heirloom box with book included.

Crayola Paint Brush Pens
Really any other brand that has the paint in the brush work great.
The ones I have can be refilled with paint.
ages: 2 and up

Scattergories Game:
We have had this for years. It comes and goes as our family favorite. It is on the top favorite again this month!!! This is fun with group of people made into teams.

Ages 5 (if on a team) and up!

MAGNA DOODLE : You just can't go wrong with one of these toys!!! Any size will do. The only suggestion I have is the simpler the better. Make sure the "pen" is connected and the less "bling" the better. All the extra stuff is just a pain. Ages: 1-8years.

Star Wars Visual Dictionary!!! This was a BIG HIT last CHRISTMAS!!! We bought about 15 this year as birthday gifts. It is everyones favorite gift. You gotta get it at amazon for around $15, I have had to bite the bullet and buy about 3 at Toys R Us for $25 ugh.


Really you can't go wrong with a baby doll. I mean any little girl would love to play with any baby.

Two years ago, my now five year old loved baby dolls, not any of the eight Bitty Babies from American girl, no she loved the dollar store ones. She got about seven one year from everyone who new us...every time they were at the dollar store they would pick up one for her. Sure they only lasted a couple of months, but we didn't care.

I will say that the American girl Bitty Baby and Twins are worth the money. We have about eight of them. Black, some white, Hispanic, and the two sets of twins. The new ones are even cuter and you can mix and match the hair color and race.

They last a long time and if necessary you can send them back to the baby hospital. They come back all clean and in a hospital gown and balloon.

The strollers and accessories are nice, but the clothes ate too expensive.


My kids used to always play with SCULPEY CLAY and we still love it.
We also have really enjoyed the Model Magic clay. No cooking necessary and if you roll it into a ball it can bounce when dry. It comes in small packs for stocking suffers too!!!

Cosmic Catch GameOur family was introduced to this at my son's 16th birthday. The teenagers were all playing it and having a blast. Great for groups.

Now it is one of our favorites. Six players. Ages 3 and up

SCULPEY CLAYMy kids have enjoyed playing with this clay for about 15 years. Sometimes we make stuff and cook it, other times we just play with it. The trick is the more you play with it the better the texture and color turns out. Also, just a little clay goes a long way. Follow directions-don't overcook.


How can any kid turn one of these down??? In the past 19 years we have had about six of these carts...I can say that the metal ones aren't as strong as the Little tykes ones, and the cheap ones are a waste of money. I would say kids ages 1-7 can still enjoy these fun toys.

Regular and junior versions are great. They say 9 and up, but if the little guys are on a team they all can play. My little guys think up the funniest ideas.
All my kids’ love this game...our favorite is when all the teenagers’ friends come over and play with us.

Apples to Apples: if you know a family that doesn't have is great, especially the Jr version.

This is just a short version of things I would suggest and buy again. Look under my Toy Review for more.


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