Sunday, October 31, 2010


Since I mainly do this blog to write funny stories for our family memories...I just couldn't pass up posting these two stories from this weekend.

On Saturday I was at my son's soccer game. My four year old had to go potty. I looked way over to the other side of the park and saw the I really want to drag the baby and the four year old all the way over there?

So I said, "Let's just go potty here, since no one is around and I will help I pulled down her panty hose, held up her dress, held her up in "potty" position, and waited for the urine to flow...nothing happened and I heard a little gas...I squealed..."Do you have to pee or poop?" "I gotta poop." I laughed, "We can't go poop right here!" So off we went to the disgusting potty before it was too late!

We watched the rest of the game and on the way home my baby got into some of the kids candy. I looked back and he was eating a dum dum lollipop, wrapper and all.

This morning the baby woke up and I changed his poopy diaper...and saw sticking out of his hiney a piece of said, "dum dum." Man, even the baby is calling me names.


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