Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Crazy Month of August:

The following is for my own personal records: feel free to ignore this excerpt.

I started this blog for my family scrapbook...
(In hopes that my kids would remember that I actually was a nice mom, sometimes.)

I just need to document the fact that I made it through one of the craziest months of my life!!!

August 2010:

August 1st: Woke up to baby with fever and husband under the weather. Then off to mass with the rest of the gang. Got home and rushed to Brunch in Virginia with the gang and my oldest daughter's boyfriend...didn't get lost. Home to relax with hubby and baby.

Aug 2nd: clean house

Aug 3rd: dentist appointments, Boys out with grandma to Police Night out, 12 year old has a friend sleep over.

Aug 4th: 6:30 mass, Pack car for trip this afternoon, take son to Towson for the day get home at 2, leave at 2:30 with nine kids to Berkley Springs, West Virginia. Get to cabin safe and sound.

Aug 5th: Take all kids to 8:30am mass and head to shopping, pool, walks, fun at cabin. Remind those at home that teenage son needs to get to Doctor for sports physical.

Aug 6th: Remind dad and 15 year old to get to the dentist. Wait for daughters and friend to come to cabin!!!

Aug 7th: Get text message from my hubby saying that son who has been discerning a vocation for the past three years is coming home.

Aug 8th: Clean up cabin and pack up 12 kids to go home and prepare house for son's homecoming. Say good bye to 17 year old who is home with dad and heading off to Habitat for Humanity in Delaware. Drive home in record speed...start gutting the bedrooms and switching kids around. Thanks to my big sister who dropped everything to come and help. start cleaning out rooms.

Aug 9th: Finish cleaning out rooms and switching cribs, beds, furniture, and stuff...Pick up new 15 passenger van...Pick up son at airport!!!

Aug 10th: Go to appointment, take son to community college to get registered, go to pool, daughter bbsit at neighbors.

Aug 11th: pick up new furniture for oldest daughter at grandparents, soccer practice

Aug 12th: take son to ortho, take daughters to b day party, daughter sits for other neighbors

Aug 13th: son goes to get sports physical, make dinner for family with child in hospital, kids at youth group

Aug 14th: son to work, lunch at friends in Bethesda, grandparents for dinner to celebrate 3 year old's b day

Aug 15th: Feast of the Assumption, son's 3rd b day, go to wedding, big kids throw a star wars party for little brother

Aug 16th: Thank God for a new week...Mass, soccer tryouts, soccer meeting

Aug 17th: clean, soccer practice, dinner out with my girlfriends

Aug 18th: daughter sits for friend, clean, visit with friends, soccer practice

Aug 19th: daughter sits for friend, clean, go to see MARY POPPINS at the Kennedy Center with my almost 7 year old for her b day and our own dear mary poppins, get to bed at midnight

Aug 20th: Daughter sweet 16 b day...my 14 year old brings down the 6 year old (yes the one I took to the Kennedy Center) who fell off her bunk bed and hit a chair...off to the emergency room...yes it was broken...then later that day to get full leg cast on for six weeks of no walking, using a little walker...ugh...gult, then home to get the house ready for 40 teenagers to celebrate a sweet 16, feed my family, and make dinner for friend who just had a baby...thanks Marylee for helping me out and delivering the meal!!!

Aug 21st: son soccer, granddads for pool and crabs, nephew sleeps over, go to bed early

Aug 22nd: going away party for seminarian going to Rome, boys go to b day party, daughter in cast goes to outdoor movie party

Aug 23rd: college kids start, soccer, funeral home for wake, soccer practice, umbrella homeschool meeting

Aug 24th: funeral, clean, start getting school stuff ready, make meal for neighbor with cancer, soccer practice

Aug 25th: play date for kids, hair cut for daughter, tennis party and pot luck

Aug 26th: soccer, youth group

Aug 27th: doctor leg check up, birthday pool party, homeschool tutor meeting, teenagers over for a bonfire and movie

Aug 28th: soccer tournament, pool party, clean

Aug 29th: Boys serve early mass, daughter and I run nursery at 10 am mass, dad runs Annapolis 10 miler, have friends over for a cookout, go to the pool

Aug 30th: both teen daughters sitting for neighbors, make dinner for friend who just had a baby

Aug 31st: go to Hagerstown to see mom and family for biggest sisters b day, son at dentist to get tooth pulled, soccer practice

Thank God that month is over...and this is just the stuff on my calender...not to mention all the places I forgot to go to and the things I was going to do...


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